Why APM?

With the continued growth of the Hispanic market and with Hispanics continuing to be heavy DVD users, there remains an increasing number of theatrical releases from Latin America and independent releases from the US targeted to Latinos that are awaiting distribution on DVD.



What is APM?

A new DVD label targeted to Latinos in the US created to partner with Producers and share the sales generated from the sales of titles on DVDs, on television and other media keeping important reporting and timely payments.




APM will pay royalties to Producers based on the Gross and not Net Sales for each of the media it acquires. There will be no deductions for manufacturing, marketing, or operational and administrative costs. The royalties will increase upon the better performance of the title.





How about the reporting?

Since APM will be working directly with retailers such as Wal-Mart along with sub distributors, APM will continuously keep Producers abreast of the sales results for their title as APM receives them and in some cases, 24/7.



What about deliverables?

APM will work closely and assist Producers on the deliverables necessary for the media it acquires and be flexible on such delivery based on the production standards of different countries so that there are no unnecessary additional costs for the Producer and so that the release of the movie would not be delayed.


Who is behind APM?

Entertainment industry executive Al Perez de la Mesa who has acquired product for both DVD and television sales in the past is now serving as President and has combined his resources and know-how.


Where is APM?

4807 Arthur Street, Hollywood, FL 33021

and can be contacted at: Al Pérez de la Mesa: al@apmentertainment.com


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